Top 5 Smart Watches in Pakistan

In the best smartwatches era of smartphones, digital appliances, and much more, smartwatches are gaining ground. This isn’t simply a watch that tells the time; it’s more of a digital companion. It comes with apps, reminders, notepads, and an MP3 or MP4 player. As a result, it is more of a personal preference than a fashion trend. Smartwatches are not widely used in Pakistan, and many people are ignorant of the various features to look for before acquiring one.

Everything in our digital age comes with a companion, and the smartphone’s gear is no exception. These smartwatches are also occasionally used as additional phone accessories. That doesn’t make it any less beneficial for the user; in fact, it makes smartwatches with smartphones much more valuable. So go ahead and get one for yourself or your loved ones.

This device has several benefits, including the ability to measure a swimmer’s progress and calculate points. As a result, it’s a fantastic gadget for making your life easier and more comfortable on any track.

If you want to find something authentic and worthwhile, you’ll need to gather a lot of reliable info on the best smartwatches. In the market, there is a whole new range of options. The emerging trend is online retailer shops. You can rely on them to deliver a high-quality product with a reasonable refund and exchange policy.

One may always select from a wide range of inexpensive, branded, or excellent android watches. These days’ kids are also wiser than you would imagine. They can handle any digital gadget with ease, and they prefer information delivered in seconds. Their smartwatches can always assist them in interacting and receiving fresh information in a matter of seconds.

Watches in the traditional style are now available at your convenience. You may acquire any of the greatest smartwatches from the internet shop and obtain the watch of your choice.

Feature to look in Smartwatches

Any smartwatch’s features are not limited to time and reminders; in fact, they are rather extensive. Samsung and Apple are the leading manufacturers of various smartwatches. Music and smartphone remote control are common features in all of them, but the one you should search for is one that tracks your run in the park.

Fitness Tracker

You’ve got a fitness tracker on your wrists that also tells you the time. The cost of these watches is determined by the features they offer. It ranges from low-cost smartwatches to high-end models. Aside from the functionality, the design differs. This isn’t the end of the list; there’s a huge list of characteristics that individuals should think about before buying a watch.


This function is essential for solo travelers, runners, and sports enthusiasts. When it’s right on your wrist, you won’t need to pick up your phone to track your location.

Timing of the battery

Nobody hates a slackening battery, and because you’ll be wearing it for a long time, it should be well-timed.

Mobile phone connectivity

Examine the device’s ability to connect. Whether it’s for IOS or Android, it’s a good idea to test it out first.


It should be the right size and weight for you. If you’re a runner or a sportsperson, you’ll be wearing it for a long time, and it’ll be uncomfortable if it’s too big. So, because it is for your convenience, don’t make it a burden.


Swimmers need to be waterproof. Yes, other customers can profit from waterproof smartwatches, but swimmers gain the most.

Other advantages of Windows or Android smartwatches include Wi-Fi functionality and Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to utilize your headphones. You may save your data into your digital smartwatch by inserting a memory card into some watches.

Everything Else you need to buy a smart watch

The variety is growing, and technological advancements are making it tough to pick one. Here’s a short checklist to see if the product you want to buy is in stock. It may also be used as a time-saving technique for novice watch purchasers, allowing them to create a shortlist and assure quality in a short amount of time.

Is your device compatible with it? (iPhone, Android, or Windows)

Is it straightforward to operate?

Is it accessible at a reasonable cost?

Versions of the software

Aside from all of these considerations, the price of smartwatches in Pakistan is another element to consider. Despite the fact that it has a decent price market, select your vendor carefully.

Top Choices of Smart Watches Pakistan you can buy in 2022

Do you require a wrist companion? Yes, we’re discussing smartwatches. Pakistan is a developing country that is currently trying to catch up with technological advancements. Smartphone makers have had to fight their way into the market, and smartwatches in Pakistan are still on their way.

It, like smartphones, is becoming a need of life with each passing day. Keep in mind that there is now a broad variety of timepieces to choose from. Pakistani customers buy watches for a variety of reasons, including price, features, and quality.

There are, however, certain wise selections for the finest smartwatches in Pakistan that you should be aware of before paying the balance.

  1. Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4
  2. Fitbit Versa
  3. Apple Watch Series 6
  4. Samsung Watch Active 2 44mm
  5. Zeblaze Thor 4 Pro Smart Watch

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4


Xiaomi is a Chinese company that has dominated the gadget business in a very short period of time. It offers high-quality electrical products with the most up-to-date technical specs at an inexpensive price.

The Mi Band is a Xiaomi wristwatch that has a health tracker, notification access, and the ability to measure calories, heart rate, and other fitness metrics.

These watches are more cheaply priced when compared to the more costly smartwatches from other companies; yet, the Mi smart band makes it the greatest choice for students and teenagers who are on-trend.

The sole benefit of the Xiaomi watch is that many of them lack a microphone, preventing the user from taking calls owing to the tiny screen; nonetheless, reading alerts becomes difficult. Xiaomi smartwatches are one-of-a-kind, stylish, and practical.

Overall, Xiaomi smartwatches are the best and cheapest. The Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 is presently available for Rs. 3,999, which is a significant saving. The prior price, however, was Rs.5,499. This fitness tracker band is a departure from the smartwatches in the series, as well as a smart bracelet with a color screen. It also contains a heart rate monitor and a sports activity mode.

The Xiaomi Amazfit Stratos is another fantastic watch that has soared to new heights in terms of profit in just a few months. It has a dual-core CPU, 512 MB of RAM, a 1.2 GHz processor, 4 GB of ROM, and a waterproof watch option with all the necessary sensors. This is another excellent watch, but its price of roughly Rs.23,499 makes it unaffordable for most people.

Fitbit Versa


Fitbit’s is one of the most liked brands by health-conscious people and also the athletes because this smartwatch has many fitness features in it that can help anyone to get the best record for their fitness level like heart rate tracking, sleep score, etc.

Fitbit Smartwatch is one of the best yet affordable health trackers or a smart bandit is able to feature an all-time heart rate 24/7 and also the sleep score, it is also able to show the daily steps you take.

Fitbit Versa is one of the most basic, sleek, and exquisite-looking smartwatches that is well within many people’s budgets. This watch has all of the same characteristics as the more costly watches, but it is far less expensive.

The watch has a 1.34-inch display and a battery capacity of 145mAh, with a standby battery life of 4+ days. It’s also a water-resistant watch with all of the required but common sensors.

Another fantastic advantage of this watch is that you can respond to any text with a voice response since this gadget allows you to access apps like Spotify. It also allows you to quickly check any of your alerts.

The watch’s other distinguishing characteristic is that it performs exceptionally well for sports; nevertheless, when compared to Apple and Samsung watches, its performance pales in comparison.

Apple Watch Series 6


Apple is famed for its brand name, yet its goods are regarded to be among the most costly in the world. However, in Apple’s smartwatch lineup, the finest watch that is presently trending is the Apple Watch Series 6.

Apple smartwatches are one-of-a-kind, with the best performance compared to other branded watches. The watch’s performance is seamless because of the 64-bit dual-core 55 processors. Apple smartwatches are fairly pricey in Pakistan since it is one of the most expensive brands in terms of phones and other technological products.

The capacitive touchscreen Apple Wrist features a very quick and delicate touch that is simple to use, and you can also receive notifications on your watch that your phone has received not just calls, but also SMS and email messages.

This watch is also available to those who are worried about their fitness and health, but only if they can afford it in a country like Pakistan. The reason this watch is featured in this post is to emphasize that the Series 6 is the best while also being reasonably priced when compared to other smartwatches from this company that fall into the top category.

It has a fitness function that allows the user to track their body’s fitness as well as monitor their heart rhythms.

The Apple Smart Watch in Pakistan, according to fitness experts, has the greatest monitor for your heart’s rhythm, and the best aspect about this watch is that it can track your fitness.

Where there are advantages, there are disadvantages, and one disadvantage of the Apple Watch is that its functionalities are limited to iOS. This simply means that you can only get alerts from your phone on the watch if you possess an Apple iPhone. Another disadvantage is that it is rather costly when compared to other branded watches.

Samsung Watch Active 2 44mm


When it comes to watches, Samsung offers the greatest and highest-quality goods, and when compared to Apple, it has more fair and inexpensive timepieces.

The Samsung wristwatch is still one of the smoothest Android devices available. The watch’s long-life battery has enticed many customers to purchase it because of its long battery life. The Samsung Gear and Samsung Watch Active 2 are one-of-a-kind devices with stunning looks.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm is accessible in Pakistan, as it is one of the country’s most popular brands. This watch is appealing because it has outstanding features such as a dual-core 1.15 GHz CPU, 1.3″ screen, 472 MAH battery, and all of the famous sensors.

Zeblaze Thor 4 Pro Smart Watch


Despite the fact that they provide so much, the Zeblaze Thor is probably the most underappreciated Smartwatches brand in Pakistan! From a 4G network to Google Play, fast GPS, Voice Search, Music, Offline choices, WiFi, and weather forecasting, there’s a lot to enjoy!

With the pulse screen and pedometer, you can customize your Zeblaze Thor SmartWatch on both Android and iOS and track your wellbeing. You may accept and settle on decisions, as well as establish a Call Reminder, which is a pleasant surprise. There’s so much this Smartwatch has to offer!

These finest smartwatches in Pakistan may be found in stores and on many platforms online.

Where to Buy Smart Watches in Pakistan?

Pakistan still has a long way to go in terms of developing an internet economy. Many members of the audience are skeptical about internet retailers. Well, it’s all about a seller’s trustworthiness. Companies must maintain high-quality service in order to establish themselves as a reliable vendor. There is an easy approach to identify sellers if you want to buy inexpensive smartwatches in Pakistan. Simple guidelines will help you limit down your search for the top smartwatches online in Pakistan.

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