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  • Yunteng vct-5208 Aluminum Bluetooth Tripod  1,500

    Yunteng vct-5208 Aluminum Bluetooth Tripod are one of the tools for imaging and photography. Yunteng VCT-5208 Bluetooth Tripod is a unique type of tripod used for all kinds of photography including mobile photography. It includes a Smartphone holder, a Bluetooth remote shutter that can be used to trigger the smartphone camera shutter. This product is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. This tripod weighs 600g and is rotatable by 360°. It has a universal 1/4 size screw that can be used to attach any cameras to the tripod.


Would you prefer to record with a selfie stick or capture steady footage from a table? You can put your smartphone or camera wherever you want with the Yunteng Tripod. When vlogging on the go, it works great as a tabletop tripod or as a handgrip or selfie stick.

Both long and short

The Yunteng Tripod has a maximum height of 93 centimeters when fully extended, yet it folds down to only 22 centimeters when folded. This makes it extremely convenient to take with you wherever you go. The folding phone holder that comes with the package is global and works with all smartphones. The simple spinning mechanism will keep your phone secure. Also, use the universal 1/4″ screw to attach a camera.

Compact and super strong

With a metal ball head, the tripod is comprised of durable plastic and metal. It’s extremely light while also being really powerful. The bottoms of the three legs are covered with rubber for added grip and safety.

Take photo remotely

If you want to capture a selfie or a group shot, the integrated wireless Bluetooth remote control is great. It operates in a fairly straightforward manner. Turn on the remote control and pair it with your phone through Bluetooth (once). To capture a photo or video, press one of the buttons. The remote control is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices.

The Bluetooth remote control is constructed of plastic and is quite light. It fits conveniently on your key ring and fits pleasantly in your hand.


Yunteng creates selfie sticks and tripods for cameras and cellphones. Yunteng is noted for its innovative designs that are built to last.

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