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    Audionic Airbud Pro Plus 3rd Generation  4,900

    The all-new Audionic Airbud Pro plus features third-generation truly wireless technology. These earphones provide cutting-edge connections and genuinely astonishing new capabilities. You just cannot get enough of it; the most fashionable and attractive speaker system capable of generating incredible music with sufficient bass and a spacious sound stage.

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    Audionic Airbuds A-20 True Wireless Earphone  3,900

    AIRBUD A-20 WIRELESS EARPHONE Audionic Another exciting and branded high quality is the all-new wireless earbuds A20 earbuds which come with extra-base and HD Sound quality. Designed specifically for your requirements, with up to 6 hours of playback. The new audiogenic A20 earbuds come with the following features:

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    Audionic Business KLIP-ON II Bluetooth  2,900

    BUSINESS KLIP-ON II Bluetooth Audionic

    DESCRIPTION  Make the Most Out of Bluetooth Earphone Audionic Business Klip is a Bluetooth earphone that is easy to use and due to its versatile design, it looks classic on every…

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  • Audionic DAMAC D-10 HandsFree Best Gaming Earphones  325


    The Audionic DAMAC D-10 Handsfree is an exquisitely engineered fusion of form and function that enables you to listen to music secretly and with high-quality earbuds. These stereo earbuds have remote access and an integrated microphone, allowing you to seamlessly switch between calls and music. Its one-of-a-kind design, colour, and style create the ideal combination of form and function. Its ultralight pair delivers exceptional sound in a comfortable form.

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    Audionic DAMAC D-20 Handsfree – The Sound Master  375

    Elegance with Comfort

    Audionic’s ear-angled earphones are of the highest quality. It is lightweight, which makes it quite convenient to use. It has an original design and vibrant hues that will instantly elevate your appearance. Therefore, take the Audionic Damac D-20 Handsfree for an excellent music experience.

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  • Audionic Max Pro 5 Earphone Premium Quality  390

    Stereo Surround Sound:

    Audionic Max pro 5 has a Hifi stereo deep base wired earphones, that deliver perfect sound quality with a professional drive unit. Max Pro 5 earphones that have a high sound quality when a user puts it in their ears they will going to feel the live scene of presence. It takes into account vocal instruments, high and low frequency freely.

  • Audionic Music Note MN-250 Earphone Handsfree  390


    MN-250 Audionic Music Note Increase the quality of your music experience with audionic’s finest universal earphones. It’s ideal for daily use. It produces the ideal sound and has a microphone for taking calls. Additionally, you may play and stop using the button. At a cheap price, this is ideal for daily usage.

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    Audionic OPERA 5 Handsfree / Extra High Bass  375

    Audionic OPERA 5 Handsfree

    Audionic introduces an all-new earphone with enhanced bass performance. It comes with a 3.5 mm jack and it has a built-in microphone. Provides you with superior music quality to light up your life. It will make your life easy and stylish; provide your ears with an elegant look. Furthermore, it comes with 2 pairs of extra tip sets and It also has a selfie function making your life smarter with this feature.

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  • Audionic Signature S-35 Wireless Earbuds  4,500

    Audionic Signature S-35 Wireless Bluetooth comes with all the features needed in everyday life. It has a comfortable, ergonomic fit thanks to its lightweight design. Wearing it immediately catches the eye of anyone who sees it. Not only does it look great, but it also has a slew of useful functions. It’s equipped with call alerts and touch buttons so you can manage your phone calls with ease. Make phone calls without having to pick up your phone thanks to the built-in microphone. As a bonus, it includes a 400 mAh battery case.

  • Audionic Thunder Earphone T30 With Dual-Mode  354


    The Audionic Thunder Earphone T30 has a powerful bass, a microphone, a play/pause button, and a dual-mode switch to optimize the earphone experience. Make thunderous noises with your new Thunder T30 Earphone; this new offering is ideal for mobile phones and tablets.

  • Audionic THUNDER EARPHONE T40 Handsfree  354


    THUNDER EARPHONE T40 BY AUDIONIC: A Perfect Combination Of Comfort And Stability T-40’s comfortable earphones will provide you with a booming experience. It has been deliberately designed to allow you to focus exclusively on workouts.

    Combination Of Comfort And Stability

    T40’s comfortable earphones.  will give you with a booming experience. It has been specifically developed to allow you to concentrate entirely on your exercises. As a result, you can enjoy music with ease. The design ensures an easy-to-wear experience that fits your ears well and does not come off during extended runs.


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    Audionic Thunder Earphone T90 (TYPE-C) Handsfree  325


    Audionic Thunder Earphone T90: The exceptionally designed THUNDER Earphone is a perfect combination of form and function that allows you to enjoy music privately and with high-quality sound. It satisfies both your musical and stylish demands. These stereo earbuds have remote access and an integrated microphone, allowing you to seamlessly switch between calls and music. You may accept calls on your Bluetooth-enabled phone while driving, running, exercising, or doing office work, for example. It has a 10mm drive unit that turns electric impulses into the sound more quickly for you. With an impedance of 16, just a little amount of power is required to provide for you.

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  • Audionic Thunder T50 Earphone Universal  390


    Audionic Thunder T50 Earphones are high functioning, affordable earphones designed for you to enjoy powerful audio with no distortion. These Earphones give users an extreme sound experience with extra bass.
    T-50 is high functioning, affordable earphones designed for you to enjoy powerful audio with no distortion. These Earphones give users an extreme sound experience with an extra-bass effect. Its gold-plated stereo jack makes your earphones experience even more amazing. Easy To Wear Thunder earphones will not irritate you with breakage or poor functionality issue. They are easily wearable and you can relax them, wherever you go. It also comes at a very reasonable price. Make your listening experience worthwhile with Audionic Thunder T50 Earphones.
  • Audionic Wireless Airbuds Two With Truly Wireless Earbuds  3,500

    Presenting the all-new Audionic Airbuds Two with truly wireless technology. These earbuds have a cutting-edge connection and a DAC chip, which enables them to produce incredible music with abundant bass and a wide sound stage. Now is the time to get your hands on the newest accessories.

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