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  • Ronin R-007 Gamerz Handsfree Best For PUBG Gamers  1,750

    Plug-in Microphone:

    Microphone headset linkage enables group warfare more exciting. Sound quality is much clearer with the real-time audio transmission.

    Enhanced Hearing Experience:

    Listen for the position, gallop the battlefield. Hi-Fi stereo hand-swimming sound effects and high sensitivity transmission ensure that the position of the group warfare is safe. Enhance the realism and excitement of your multiplayer gaming experience.

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    Ronin R-16 Extra Bass Handsfree Clear Sound Original price was: ₨ 525.Current price is: ₨ 446.

    Product Features:

    Clear and less distorted sound: Ronin R16 Extra Bass delivers the ultimate audiophile experience. great sound with no distortion and noise.

    Colors: Ronin’s R-16 comes in elegant black, and comfy white colors for you to choose according to your personality and preference.

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  • Ronin R-360 Flexible Wireless Neckband Earphones  3,225

    Buy Ronin’s R-360 Flexible Wireless Neckband Earphones Provides The Exceptional Sound Experience With Its High-Quality Sound Effect.

    R-360 Is The Revolutionary Gadget To Enjoy The Deep Heavy Bass Sound Without Having Any Wire Restrictions. Its Flexible Collar And Stylish Design Make You to Carry It Anywhere With Full Confidence And Comfort.

  • Ronin R-5 Handsfree With Crystal Clear Sound  1,195

    Product Features:

    • Light Weight Durable Shell designed for Comfortable Long Wearing
    • HD speakers that deliver a crystal clear sound pack with sound accuracy and clarity.

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  • Ronin R-870 Magnetic Wireless Bluetooth Earphones  2,850

    R-870 Magnetic Wireless Earphone: Long Lasting And Compitable With All Devices For All-Day Activity!

  • Ronin R-970 FreeStyle Wireless Neckband  2,695

    Ronin R-970 Freestyle Wireless Neckband Is Stylishly Designed To Make You Look Cool While Enjoying The High Quality And Clear Sound Without Engaging Hands. Now You Have To Say Bye-Bye Noise And Hello To Clear Music. Furthermore, R-970 Is Safe For The Ears And Good For The Heart.

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